Bali Paradise-An ideal place for unforgettable holiday experience

Of which thousands of small and large islands of Indonesia, Bali merges as a garish diamond. This island is named as a tropical paradise by tourists in the world.Bali, beautiful tropical island of Indonesia becomes one of the most famous Asia destinations.In 2012, the Island welcomed 2.8 tourists, mainly from Europe. Bali attracts tourists because of beautiful beach scenes, cultural island with many festivals and ancient temples on beaches.

Bali Island- shape of a chicken with beak towards Indian Ocean

Bali is an island and province of Indonesia, and includes a few smaller neighboring islands, notably Nusa Penida. It is located at the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, between Java to the west and Lombok to the east, and has its capital of Denpasar at the southern part of the island.

Bali Paradise is situated on the southern side of Crete in one of the most beautiful areas next to the harbor of Bali which is the ideal place to visit the many attractions on the island of Crete. It allows you to enjoy its magnificent botanical gardens and a spectacular view of the clear Mediterranean Sea.

Beaches in Bali Paradise

Amazing beach in Bali

The first thing to attract visitors to Bali Paradise is beautiful beaches such as Amed, Lovina and Pemuteran with emerald clear and blue water, long and silky sand beach and straight line of coconuts, etc. The friendly island will welcome tourists with a wide variety of services such as massage on beaches, enjoying in spa tank, various service of foods, enjoying delicious dishes.

Western tourists to Bali love surfing. Vietnamese tourists usually spend their time on going shopping, swimming. There are hundreds of small and large sand beaches surrounding. All are suitable for relaxing under warm shining. On Beach, there are also hundreds, thousands of restaurants, bars where visitors can enjoy Chinese, French, Italian and Indian food with different flavors.

Bali has many resorts built according to local architecture. Resorts are located in forests or beaches which make visitors feel that they are living in wildness but they are also served carefully. They can also hire a bike or a motorbike to explore the paradise themselves.

Bali, region of attractive things, behind minutes of relaxing such as swimming, surfing and sailing, tourists can go shopping and eat foods in the afternoon of the day. Favorite moment is walking around malls where display full of international and Bali’s items. To Bali, do not forget to buy something as souvenirs for your relative and friends.

Cuisines in Bali

Cuisine is an exciting and unique feature of Bali. Tourists will have chances to enjoy culture of cuisine here, do not forget try Babi guling- a typical pork or Bintang beer, Sarad rice cracks, etc.

Stunning culture in Bali

If you love culture Bali is great for that too – there is a mix of cultures and religions around you, although island is mostly Hindu and you can literally see temples almost in every house for there are over 200 000 temples on the island. They are just breathtakingly beautiful is all I can say. The local bus system is not that great, so the best and easiest way to explore is to hire a car for the day: for a mere $50 USD you get a driver for 10 hours and he’ll also act as a guide for you.

Bali is also famous tourist attractions because of highly developed arts, including sculpt, painting, metallurgy, Bali music, etc. Bali’s culture is strongly influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures, especially Hindu culture. Bali Island is also named as King of temples as there are more than 20.000 temples here. Even resorts are built according to architecture of ancient temples. Of which, Tanah Lot Temple is famous for unique and sacred. Coming here, tourists will be admired a temple that is separated by the tide between line of water in the morning. Royal Temple is an ancient one of Mengwi Dynasty with perfect architecture. There are many famous other places for tourists to visit such asGunungkawi Kingstombs and Tirta Empul stream.

Each Temple has a story about history, architecture and is protected and conserved by people in order to bring ageless beauty.

Tourists can travel to Bali Paradise all seasons of the year. The Tropical Paradise always welcomes you. You can go there alone or with your family or friends. Let’s go and enjoy fantastic scenes at the paradise. So, why do not you book a ticket to flight there right now

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