Float On An Ocean Of Clouds In Ta Chi Nhu Tourist Site

At height of 2979 meters, the Ta Chi Nhu summit is really outstanding right in Yen Bai Province, the far North of Vietnam. Though the name of this tourist site seems new to you, let us draw your attention to the fact that Ta Chi Nhu is the ideal destination for everybody holding interest in “cloud hunting”. It’s rumored that this spot is the existing paradise filled with clouds year-round. So long as you want to try floating on an ocean of clouds, Ta Chi Nhu is a place to settle for adventure and photography tours in Viet Nam.

Ta Chi Nhu, Yen Bai, Vietnam

What Makes Ta Chi Nhu Ideal for Cloud Hunters?

Are you the cloud hunters now? Whether or not the answer is YES, when you can successfully conquer the Ta Chi Nhu peak, you will soon admit that being a cloud hunter is great indeed. As this is a mountainous spot, there are many ethnic groups living there. The locals also customize Ta Chi Nhu by naming it as Phu Song Sung (by the local Thai ethnic minority), or Chung Chua Nha (by the H’Mong hill tribe – read more about Hmong people). At present, Ta Chi Nhu is the 6th highest mountain in Vietnam, which is ideally compared to “an ocean of clouds”. It excites manifold trekking adventurers and photographers. This tourist site never fails to prolong your passion for its natural charm.

To reach the peak of the mountain, you need to do the industrious trekking. Though it is not as high as Fansipan Mountain, your trekking experience to Ta Chi Nhu is much rougher. The climate there is featured with foggy and wind. Surely, the higher you come, the stronger the wind is. To be safe, the trekkers are required to have good health, carefully follow the leaders’ guide, and remember to bring tent, water and food.

Ta Chi Nhu, Yen Bai, Vietnam

When you stay at 2000m and experience a night camp, you get an awesome chance to view the stunning dawn and sunset over the white clouds. At the peak, you’re able to forget all the tiredness as your efforts are now rewarded. Initially, your eyes will be amazed at the picturesque landscape of yellow wooden trees, green leaves, white clouds, etc. The morning stay and night camp at the summit definitely give you the cloudy dreams and sound sleep. Ta Chi Nhu Mountain is for you to praise the natural ocean of clouds via the eyes of birds. It sounds like you are standing in the heaven for the lifelong peace.

When you move higher and higher, the clouds become more exquisite enough to cover up the whole hills. From the top view, there are some highlights to see including animal farms, Ta Y Cho peak, and Ta Xua Peak. The peaks are floated in clouds like the wonderful islands.  And if you haven’t ever known what clouds are, come closer to Ta Chi Nhu Peak and you will see the point by your real hands. The miracle of nature produces a beautiful masterpiece for you to grow with peace and freedom which are unlimited. Schedule your time and come to see Ta Chi Nhu tourist site as a trekking enthusiast right away!

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