Myanmar Tour Should Be Your Top Choice Today

If you are looking at the tourism map of the Southeast Asia, it cannot help pointing out the name of Myanmar (or Burma) – the golden land with the priceless temples and pagodas. Yes, we all know that Myanmar is not the unique country that has the historical religious constructions. But, the pagodas here are more enigmatic and magnificent than anywhere else that make them magnetic to the backpackers worldwide. The best features of the land have long been kept, spotlighted, and developed in its angles that are more beautiful than what is recorded famously.

Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan, Myanmar

A Nice Glimpse of Myanmar

The Burmese history can be traced back to the existence of the Burmese Empire. Know that Myanmar is formally located on the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea Coast; so, the golden country is bordered by the five neighboring nations: Bangladesh, India, China, Thailand, and Laos. Associated with the picturesque and uninterrupted coastline, Myanmar is also blessed with the sufficient mineral resources of oil, natural gas, and jade.

It is concurred that Myanmar is the majestic land that conceal its beauty behind the modern face. In fact, the magnificence of the land lies in its rich collections of the priceless ancient temples, trekking hills, exquisite beaches, and interesting festivals. So, if you wish to be indulged in the enigmatic and magical land, Myanmar is competent enough to take you to the different world in which the worries and problems have no role.

Besides, the want to get back in time can be fulfilled favorably in some of the most frequently visited Myanmar tourist destinations. Be free to visit the myriad of temples in the old Burmese capital city, Yangon, explore the golden rock in Kyaiktiyo, watch birds in the romantic Inle Lake, or enjoy trekking trips to the far-off land Mrauk U. In fact, you can do hundreds of activities in each highlight of this golden land such as Yangon, Mandalay, Monywa, Inle Lake, Keng Tung, Pindaya, Pyin Oo Twin, Ngwe Saung Beach, and Mrauk U.

Significantly, it’s vital to know that Myanmar is the in-progress democracy country that is also the homeland of many ethnic minorities. Being the huge jewel in Southeast Asia, this country has won praise worldwide for its shimmering pagodas and many spectacular natural sites.

Travel to Myanmar to Obtain the Once-In-A-Lifetime Memory

Buddhist monks in Myanmar

Buddhist monks in Myanmar

Today, more and more pilgrims, tourists, and thrill-seekers prioritize the option of Myanmar Tours that assure to take them to the best tourist destinations here. In most cases, the tour itinerary will be announced in details beforehand, so, you just need to check it out to assure that your preferred sites are addressed.

For the wholesome once-in-a-lifetime traveling memory in Myanmar, you also should get noted for the land’s weather: the wet season (June-October) and the dry season (October-May). And if you ask us the best time to experience the Myanmar Travel Packages, our answer should always be around the mid-season month: October. It is when the weather is ideal (not too hot and not too cold at all). Meanwhile, most of the tourist spots are not crowded during this month.  Remember that October is the finest milestone for you to see the seamless blend of weather and tourism offer in Myanmar! For all good reasons, Myanmar Tour is your best option today.

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