The World Four Best Places For Cruise Tours

Some of the most picturesque destinations in the world are obviously best viewed from the deck of a cruise. Traveling by cruise seems to be the best channel to realize the magical aspects of the salt air, open sea, and breathtaking landscape. If you’re finding the best places for cruise tours, we name the top four for the cruise fans here.                  

#1: Alaska – Cruise to San Francisco

Cruise to San Francisco

Hundreds of cruises are run north from Vancouver to Seattle and San Francisco of Alaska – one of the most renowned cruising regions in the world. Here, you enjoy the amazing array of experience aboard. What could be more stunning than viewing the spectacular landscape from an Alaskan cruise and enjoying the show of nature from splendid sun lounge or the cruise deck? With a pair of binoculars, you can feast the eyes on the marine life, the scenery of the snow-capped mountain as well as the icy turquoise water.

#2: The Mediterranean – Cruise to Venice

Cruise to Venice

Most parts of the Mediterranean are best discovered by the cruise that enchants the cruise fans wholesomely. In particular, Venice is the symbolic cruise destination in Italy. Here stand out many canals for the spectacular cruising. In combined with the cool weather and the ancient buildings, the glamorous resort, or the world’s famous museum, the sightseeing enjoyment from afar becomes perfect. Venice is the Italy’s fashion capital and also the traditional marquee port that is pleasurable all year round. In this famous region, there will always be something attractive on the horizon for the cruise passengers to be happy.

#3: Vietnam – Cruise to Halong Bay

Cruise to Halong Bay

Besides being the none-to-second destination in the northeast of Vietnam, Halong Bay is also voted as one of the best cruise places in the world. Halong Bay Cruise Tours have long attracted the cruise hobbyists who appreciate the sightseeing joy from the deck or cabin, the seafood meal and entertainment aboard, etc. While cruising on this amazingly majestic Bay, it’s energetic to enjoy activities of swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, nightlife, etc. Meanwhile, spread the eyes freely toward the emerald water, breathe pure air, explore the limestone grottoes, and evaluate the incomparable luxury on board! Cruising in Halong Bay will leave you the once-in-a-lifetime cruising experience.

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#4: Australia – Cruise to Sydney

Cruise to Sydney

Sydney is one of the best ports in the world that leave no one in any doubt to believe that it is one of the best ports to see. During the morning light, cruising to Sydney is the top choice that appeals to all Australian tourism fans who want to see the best of Australia from the comfortable cabins of the deluxe cruises. While you cruise in the Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef, your eyes are kept open to venture into the primitive charm of the contemporary buildings, the forested mountains, the waterfall and especially, the bewitching underwater show. Enjoying sightseeing this famous part of the world appeals to the passengers since the scenery is too beautiful to be true. It sounds like you’re staying in a paradise.

These are the four must-see cruise destinations to be included in your bucket list. Be nimble-footed to pack and go to discover them all so that you know what is called the best cruise tour ever.

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