Top 7 Reasons Why Travel to Cambodia Right Now

Cambodia is the exceptional country with several constructions ranked as the World Heritage Sites. On the annual basis, the homeland to the mind-blowing Angkor Wat attracts nearly 5 millions of tourists. Why do people enjoy traveling to Cambodia like this? Here are the top 7 reasons to clear the concerns.

#1: The convenient access

It’s easy to arrive at Cambodia throughout the year by land, by air, and by river cruises. This Southeast Asian country has the international airports of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Sihanoukville which encourage the travelers to fly there. Also, there are many coaches and buses from the neighboring Vietnam to Cambodia which is money-saving, safe, and scenic. And if you would love the Mekong River Cruises to Cambodia, there are lots of cruise operators that offer the services.

Le Tonle Cruise in Cambodia

Le Tonle Cruise in Cambodia

#2: The Visa Policy of Cambodia

The passport holders of the 8 countries are not required to obtain a Cambodian Visa for a certain period (from 14 to 30 days), including Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Seychelles. Besides, the policy of Visa on Arrival with the maximum stay of 30 days and the possible extensions encourages the travelers worldwide to get to this country. Moreover, some visitors appreciate the Cambodian eVisa service so that they can apply for the Visa online prior to their arrival.

#3: The awe-inspiring and unique Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is amongst the most attractive heritage sites in the world. As the largest temple complex ever found, the Angkor ruins are the first magnets that attract people to Cambodia. Together with the imposing and solemn Angkor Wat, many other precious and hidden ruins in the Angkor Archaeological Park makes the Cambodia Tour Packages full of surprises. Recently, the “Jungle Temple” of Sambor Prei Kuk has been inscribed as the new UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The Temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

#4: The paradise beaches

From Phnom Penh, you can take a boat trip to Kep and explore some pristine and captivating islands there. And if you want the extensively beautiful beaches, then go to Sihanoukville or the amazing Koh Rong Island. The beach sites in this country remain unspoiled with the white sand, transparent sea, green palm ranges, and peaceful ambiance. When traveling to the best beaches of Cambodia, you will savor the complete relaxation, just like you’re resting in the paradise. Also, drinking a cup of Angkor beer alongside the beaches is the wonderful experience.

#5: The beauty of Tonle Sap Lake

Tonle Sap, the largest freshwater lake in the Southeast Asia, is the big gem of Cambodia for both tourism and economy. The Lake itself is so spectacular and extraordinary that changes its flow of direction every season. Remarkably, Tonle Sap gives the locals the sufficient seafood resources. Nowadays, the Mekong River Cruises on Tonle Sap have become the favorites of both local and international passengers.

#6: The antiquity of Ta Prohm

Many guests travel to Cambodia because of Angkor Wat, but there are some individuals that come to see Ta Prohm – the antique temple once filmed in “Tomb Raider’s” of Angelina Jolie. Witnessing this antique religious landmark, everybody stands still before the giant roots of the age-old trees that fall from the temples’ roofs. The construction brings the fantastic feeling as if you are getting lost in the mythical world.

#7: The unique means of transport in Battambang: Bamboo Train

Many foreign guests are highly interested in “Norris,” the means of transport only found in Battambang. The foreigners call it “Bamboo Train” which is the major vehicle to get around Battambang because it is cheap and fast. Only around USD$8/passenger/round, you can get on the “train” anywhere.

Obviously, the tour packages in Cambodia do not cost many dollars at all. The different travelers might have different reasons to see the homeland of the Angkor. So now, come to see whether you cherish the country for any other reason.

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